Working From Home! (Too Good to be True?)

With today’s technology, working from home is becoming more realistic every day! Have you ever thought about how you could possibly work, but stay home all at the same time?

There are many ways to earn money while staying home with the little ones.

1. Blogging

First, I want to say you will not be an automatic money maker over night. It will take time and patience.  I have heard many stories of individuals becoming a ‘blogger’, and was able to be a ‘stay-at-home’ worker.  Who wouldn’t want to work from home?  If you have children, family to care for such as a disabled individual or an elderly family member, or maybe you just would like to stay in your pajamas all day, becoming a blogger sounds like a great job for you.

2. YouTube

Unless you own the right equipment and have a hit song such as “baby shark” (my children love this crazy beat song), it will take time as well to get enough subscribers and likes to be able to make money off of your videos.  My son loves to do YouTube videos, but they way he likes to do his videos (must I say he is a child) is not going to receive many views.  Even though he likes to do his YouTube videos different than I would like, we still share that time in making videos together.

3. Selling things you don’t need (eg. clothes)

There are many apps and/ or sites one could use to sell the items you really don’t need anymore. The main thing we don’t need at our house are all those kids clothes our children have outgrown.

There are sites that individuals could use where you don’t need high end clothing to sell. Those websites/apps include Ebay, Mercari, SnobSwap,, and Craigslist. Facebook and Instagram are also ways to sell gently used clothing you no longer need or want.

Well Kept Wallet discusses more in detail of each online store and how they work. This site is honestly how I learned about Mercari.  I have sold an abundant amount of my children’s used clothing and shoes.  It is best to put free shipping, and substantiate the shipping amount in the total for your item you are selling.  There are many more items that are for sale on the Mercari site, or other miscellaneous items you would like to sell.

4. Becoming a VIPKid teacher (given you have the correct credentials)

I happen to come across VIPKid when I was looking for jobs.  Needless to say my job hunting was failing, and I just thought I’d give it a try.  The worst they could say would be ‘no’.  It wasn’t like I haven’t heard that before.

I gave VIPKid a chance and it has been a wonderful experience.  No you will not become rich working for VIPKid, but once you get start you will be able to make some extra cash.  First of all, you have to apply and they have to accept your application.  Then you pick a time that best suits you and do two mock classes.  The mock classes have VIPKid teachers pretending to be a typical Chinese student, and you are the teacher.  If you pass the first mock class, you will get to move forward to the second mock class.  Once you’ve passed both of your mock classes, you will be consider and official VIPKid teacher.  Some teachers receive students without any problems, while others are praying to get a trial student (these are students who are trying to site to see if they and their parents like VIPKid) just to be able to gain a little bit of money and experience.  I was one of the many who was praying for a trial student at first.  Over the months I started to get many main class students (these are students who take VIPKid classes regularly). Just remember, you are teaching Chinese children, therefore the hours are on Bejing time.

VIPKid schedule example

If you would like to become a VIPKid teacher just click the link.

If you have any thoughts or ideas regarding working/ earning money from home, please feel free to leave me a comment.

Thank you,

LaTasha H.

Over educated?

Have you ever been to an interview or received an email saying you was over qualified for a job?…I have been to too many interviews to even count on my hands twice the amount of times I have heard this.

There have been many times that I just would like to give up. All my schooling had got me no where! That’s how I feel…it could really make someone get very depressed and make them feel like they don’t have a sense of being their individual self.

Yes, I am a mother and wife. I have five beautiful children, and a wonderful husband. At the same time, I feel like I went to school for a bachelor and master’s degree for just a big student loan.

I had a great internship with TDOT. It was definitely a change of scenery since I was used to being a certified nursing assistant. After the internship, I was just back to job searching…again…

If someone would just understand that if an individual was given the chance to show who they really are, they might be the individual their company was looking for.

I have to keep telling myself that God has bigger and better plans for me that I haven’t seen yet.

I believe we are all put on this earth for some reason, and I know mine is to help turn people to Jesus. I just wonder where does he want me to go for employment? I hope the Lord answers soon, because this debt won’t pay itself….

Bittersweet Internship

Well, my internship with the Department of Transportation ended. Honestly at first I was very nervous. Not only was I starting something new in my life, but this was the first time I was leaving my son for more than a couple of hours. Yes being the mother that I am, I cried because I missed my son. I never knew how hard it could be to leave him. As the days passed it was easy on both of us. He grew more excited to go to my grandmothers, and I started to enjoy the little bit of time doing something besides being a mother.

The internship was interesting to say the least. I had never experienced the process of an internship. It is like a job, but a lot more lenient. The hours were typical employment hours, but if I needed off for doctors appointments or because my grandmother had things with church already planned, I could take off without asking in advance or having to take leave. I was able to learn many things that I didn’t know about the DOT. I always thought that they just took care of the road, but I never knew they conducted relocation when individuals would be displaced due to a road affecting their home. I also didn’t know that there was a division for excess land that is for land that has been acquired that isn’t needed after about five years. The joy of internships is the learning process. Things are always different when you get to look behind the scenes.

When the end of the internship was coming near, I was getting excited and sad. Excited, because I couldn’t wait to be home with my son more and I was pregnant so the long days were starting to get to me. Sad, because everyone I had met would eventually just be a memory, and that something I was excited and nervous to start has flew by like the hours in the day.

I am grateful for the experience I received. I believe everything works out how God has planned for us, whether it is good or bad, the experiences in our lives are in His plans.