I am a full time wife and mother to two wonderful children.  I am also currently an intern with TDOT, which unfortunately is about to end.  This has been a wonderful experience for myself as well as my family.   I have learned many things through this process in my life, and hopefully I can use the skills I have acquired for future employment opportunities.  I am somewhat at a cross-roads of what my future entails.  Being a mother but also wanting the ability to have a full-time job, can put any mother at an intersection trying to figure out which way is best for herself and her family.  While I am trying to understand the preferred path for my family and myself, I crochet along with being an AVON representative.

You can see some things I have created, as well as purchase them, through the Bonanza website at http://www.bonanza.com and search for c_c_crochet.  I am in the process daily of adding new and uniquely crocheted items.

To order many of the wonderful products from AVON or become a representative yourself, you can visit my AVON website at http://www.youravon.com/lholdway.