Ark Encounter in Kentucky

The ark at the Ark Encounter.

Our family likes to go on many adventures together. One weekend (because we couldn’t go for a week due to our work schedules), we went to the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY. From where our family lives, it was about a two hour drive. We have two wonderful kids together, and my husband has three from a prior marriage. At the time my step son lived with us. Driving with three kids, granted one was a teenager and the other two was smaller, was a wonderful experience (my sarcastic tone). Anyone who has kids, understands an hour trip can feel like a lifetime if they don’t go to sleep. So needless to say our trip took a little longer than two hours, but I am grateful through it all for the experience we got to share together.

The Ark Encounter was an awe inspiring experience. To actually see something you read about in the Bible, built in modern time for people of our generation to enjoy was breathing taking. It puts into perspective actually everything the Bible talks about with Noah and building the ark.

If you don’t know much about the Noah in the Bible, the ark, and the flood, I suggest you buying a KJV of the Bible. It goes into detail what took place thousands of years ago. I get dumbstruck thinking about how Noah and his family built an ark by themselves. I know it took years to build, according to the Bible (which has had a tremendous influence through our history and including current day).

The door symboling the only entrance and exit into the ark.

Genesis 6:14-16 gives the exact description of what God told Noah how He wanted the ark to be built. It discusses the only door and window in the ark. This door symbolizes the only door to go into and out of the ark. I suggest anyone who wishes to go and read the Bible to learn more about Noah and the flood.

The twelve stones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel.

The sign behind the stones discusses the meaning behind the twelve stones. “The board of directors decided to lay these twelve stones to when the Ark Encounter was built to remind the world and the upcoming generations of the coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ”.

Noah and his family praying.

Noah and his family gave thanks to God. We need to give thanks to God more often for all He has done for us in our lives. When we wake up and the Lord has given us another day to breath, we need to give thanks to Him. He has given us another day to be a light to others who have never been introduced to our wonderful Lord savior Jesus Christ.

The inside with light tunneling down.

The inside of the ark is beautiful and breathtaking. There are so many views that have the sky lights with the big pillars and it’s awe inspiring.

A little zoo to enjoy the family.

There is a zoo with an array of animals to view. The zoo is called Ararat Ridge Zoo, and you can walk with the kangaroos in the “kangaroo walkabout”. We also enjoyed feeding the goats, and a camel ride. Visit to learn more about the zoo at the Ark Encounter.

Buddy Davis and Ken Ham speaking.

There are lots of presentations to enjoy while visiting the life size ark. When my family and I went to visit the Ark Encounter, we got to watch the presentation from Buddy Davis and Ken Ham. My son really liked this presentation, because they talked about creation and dinosaurs. My son is a big dinosaur fan, who one day want to either be a paleontologist or a zoologist. Before your trip, you can visit to see what speakers and presentations will be conducted during your visit.

Family picture with my husband, daughter, son, and myself.

I would recommend visiting the Ark Encounter to anyone. Not only is it great for just people to visit by themselves or with family, it’s also great for a Biblical history lesson. You can plan your visit by visiting

I am not paid dividends relating to endorsing the Ark Encounter. These are my own personal comments and experiences.

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