Cheap Halloween Crafts!

First, I’d like to say if anyone would like ideas from books, the best place to look would be your local library. As long as you have a library card (which are free to obtain), you can check out books of all sorts for free!

I love free stuff, and honestly I believe free things are something hard to come by. Usually if something is free, there is a catch to it….

Anyway, this is the book my son wanted to get at the library around Halloween time. He insisted on us making Halloween crafts, so we did 🙂

It is called Make Yourself a Monster! A Book of Creepy Crafts by Kathy Ross.

One of the many crafts his little brain wanted to do consisted of bats. My son loves bats and vampires, or vampire bats especially lol. I know I’m going to miss this stage in his life! I wished I could just win the lottery so I was able to stay home with him and his sister and not have to work to pay my bills, but it is what it is…..

We made our bats and ghosts the same, because it was easy and more convenient for us. The pictures below are of the bats and ghosts we had made. My son loved them and had to show them to everyone!

These are the instructions to make the bat(s) on a twig using a piece of yarn or string.

This is the pattern for the ghost on a popsicle stick!

There are many different kinds of easy, cheap crafts to do in this book! It also has the patterns in it to make the bat, ghost, Dracula necklace, etc. If your hunting for a crafty Halloween book I would suggest this one.

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