Messes and Kids

I’ve been catching myself here lately wondering if mothers become immune to messes? I’m not just talking about the dirty diapers or they had an accident on themselves. I’m also talking about my house being a mess…I try to keep my house clean, but with a total of seven people in our family some days that is nearly impossible to do.

Our living room is hardly ever without toys. The laundry takes me a couple of days to do, and then when I finally finish I’ve got to do it over again. When I sweep and mop, give it a few hours you could hardly even tell I cleaned.

Many people think that a stay-at- home parent is an easy task with our feet up watching television all day. If that’s what anyone thinks, they have been watching waaayyy too much reality TV.

I understand my husband works hard for our family. I know he does, but there have been days where I would trade a day with him to get a break. Don’t get me wrong, some if the things he does at his job I know couldn’t do. It’s just the break I would like to get…

I know one day, hopefully soon because my bills won’t pay themselves, I’ll have a job and miss all the times that all I done was pick up messes. I think every start-at- home parent needs a break. We get breaks from our jobs, and being a stay-at- home parent is no different. It’s a job we do out of love without pay.

I know this sounds like I’m just complaining, but being a mother sometimes feels like I’m on a merry-go-round doing the same thing. I love my family and children and wouldn’t trade them for any of the riches of this world. I love what God has given me and each day I try to be grateful for what He has given me.

I need to do as 1 Chronicles 16 states to seek the Lord first. I know if I put the Lord first my worries and frustrations wouldn’t be that troublesome.

Over educated?

Have you ever been to an interview or received an email saying you was over qualified for a job?…I have been to too many interviews to even count on my hands twice the amount of times I have heard this.

There have been many times that I just would like to give up. All my schooling had got me no where! That’s how I feel…it could really make someone get very depressed and make them feel like they don’t have a sense of being their individual self.

Yes, I am a mother and wife. I have five beautiful children, and a wonderful husband. At the same time, I feel like I went to school for a bachelor and master’s degree for just a big student loan.

I had a great internship with TDOT. It was definitely a change of scenery since I was used to being a certified nursing assistant. After the internship, I was just back to job searching…again…

If someone would just understand that if an individual was given the chance to show who they really are, they might be the individual their company was looking for.

I have to keep telling myself that God has bigger and better plans for me that I haven’t seen yet.

I believe we are all put on this earth for some reason, and I know mine is to help turn people to Jesus. I just wonder where does he want me to go for employment? I hope the Lord answers soon, because this debt won’t pay itself….