Top Jump in Pigeon Forge, TN (Personal Review)

Finding reasonable places for kids to have an enjoyable time or a great birthday can be a little difficult. For our family, kids either don’t have as much fun as you’d expect them too or the place they want to have a party at is way too expensive.

We attended a birthday party at Top Jump one weekend, and these are the pictures and thoughts from when we attended the event.

Top Jump does have an arcade area…., but it is $1 per game at the least. We have five kids. For us, just giving our kids $1 a piece is already $5.

Top Jump has a candy store, and if you can tell by the pictures, they have a lot of candy! Of course, our children want to go and look around 🙂

There are many different climbing obstacles. I’ve seen many different ages of individuals climbing. My kids participated in the activities. I didn’t get too, because at the time I had an eight month old baby.

The tower along with the trampolines, allow people to flip into a covered foam pit.

There are MANY trampolines given the name is Top Jump.

Top Jump also has a dodge ball, basketball, and ninja course area.

Along with many things for old kids and adults to do, Top Jump also has an area for smaller kids. Even though this area is for smaller kids, there should be adult supervision just in case you have a child like mine who seems to get hurt or gets into something all the time. (Typical boys..).


If you look online at the website for Top Jump, it will give prices for 1 hour, 2 hours, and birthday parties. I had to look myself because my kids were asking about having their birthday party there. In 2018, the website states for a party it will cost $250, 1 hour for $15.99, and 2 hours for $23.99.


My family enjoyed themselves while we were at Top Jump, and suggest if your a family in Pigeon Forge you should stop and jump around and have fun while you’re visiting the great state of Tennessee.

The only suggestion, and truthfully they couldn’t change this only put a request in with the city, would be to make a better way to get to the facility on the opposite side of the roadway. Given Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg traffic, it can be a headache to get to the facility when there is a lot of traffic.

Lakewood Resort (Camping at Myrtle Beach, SC)

It isn’t always easy to determine the best place to take a vacation with kids and on a budget. Kids have a tendency to want to do everything they see, whether they’d like it or not.

My husband and I bought a travel trailer not long ago. We have decided that it is the best way to travel with kids. All the things we need are in our camper. When we do travel we don’t have to worry about anyone besides us entering our place where staying at. We also know who has slept in our beds (e.g. no bed bugs to worry about).

(We have took our travel trailer to Cherokee, NC on a min vacation, but that description is in another post.)

Our children have been wanting to go to the beach. We thought about it, and decided we haven’t been in a couple of years we might as well go. I looked up campgrounds in Myrtle Beach, SC. There were three close to one another. I couldn’t decide which one to book, so I let my husband decide. He chose Lakewood Campground Resort. From our experience, I can honestly say I really liked it. We didnt have to worry about all the noise and traffic that they have on the strip at Myrtle Beach.

We wasn’t that far from the beach within walking distance. If you do happen to get a spot farther from the beach, there is an option to rent golf carts. (Honestly if for on a budget, renting golf carts are too expensive. They were for us. The prices were between $40-60/ day depending on what type of golf cart you rented.)

There were a couple of different places to eat within the campground. These places included Snappy Zappy’s, Sandcastle Creamery, The Coffee House, Stage Door Subs, and The Trading Post. If you didn’t pack or buy enough food for your stay, you could choose to eat at one of these places. We ate at Snappy Zappy’s, and the food was really good. If you don’t want to wait in line, they have the option for you to call ahead and your order will be ready after the allotated time given for them to prepare the food.

There is something here for all ages. I included a couple of pictures, but not everything this resort has. The list includes: the water park (who wouldn’t love that), volleyball, basketball, an arcade, horseshoe pit, bag toss area, and High Steppin’ Country performance.

I really liked that this resort was Christian based. We didn’t get to any of the things they had listed, because we didn’t realize what they were doing until afterwards. I have come to the realization in my 30 years God has given me that if we put the Lord above all else, everything will fall into place how He see’s fit. This Christian campground is seeing the benefits of putting the Lord first.

If you are not a Christian, which don’t have to be to stay at this campground they don’t force anyone to take place in their activities, I would still recommend you to look into Lakewood Campground Resort!

Best wishes,