In Shower Body Lotions- Avon

Being a mother to five children,  my life is constantly on the go, never stopping kind of day(s). From football to gymnastics to our story time days at the library, there are hardly any time in the days for myself.  I know many women and mothers will say I need to take time for myself,  but I  have always been the type of person to put others first and I do that with my children also.  Anyway, I’m always looking for what can make my life just a little bit easier.  Honestly,  who isn’t looking for an easier way in life… we all are.  Whether it’s an app for your church so you can tithe easier without writing a check, or the pickup section at Walmart so you can order your groceries online and pick them up at a convenient time for yourself,  we all want the easiest fastest way for ourselves.

I love beauty products, and if I think I’ll like it I will try the product. (As long as it isn’t expensive, and time consuming to use I’ll try the product.) Seeing all the commercials about in-shower body lotions saying that it’s easy to use and faster than putting on lotion. made me want to try it. I like how lotions help dry skin, and help for skin to feel hydrated. That’s what I was wanting in the in-shower body lotion as well.

There are several of these types of lotions to try. Some to pick up at drug stores are Nivea and Jergens, but the one I am writing a review on are the two Avon sells.  Both of these products are from Avon’s Moisture Therapy collection. One of the in-shower lotions is called Ultra Hydration, while the other is called Intense Healing & Repair.


The Ultra Hydration from Avon Moisture Therapy worked alright. The bottle states for dry to extra dry skin.  You apply this to wet skin after cleansing and then rinse it off. This product has a little stronger scent than Intense Healing & Repair.


Ultra Hydration from Avon Moisture Therapy 


The Intense Healing & Repair from Avon Moisture Therapy worked the best for my skin. I thought this product gave my skin a creamier feel like lotion.  This product didn’t have a scent as the Ultra Hydration did.


Both of the lotions were a white creamy lotion. They both also blended well into the skin, and rinsed off fairly easy.  As shown in the pictures below.

All-in-all the in-shower lotions from Avon did help the process of applying lotion to go faster.  If one would wanted a scented lotion it would be best to use the Ultra Hydration, and if one would rather not have a scented lotion it would be best to use the Intense Healing & Repair.

If any one would like to purchase these products or any other Avon products, you can always go to

     I am in no way promoting or being endorsed to write or suggest these products. This review is my own personal experience from using products from Avon.

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