Being a Mother

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was thrilled! Little did I know that being a mother comes with a lot of fear, heartache, joy, happiness, sadness, and the list can go on with all the emotions one can/ does encounter with your first experience of being a mother.

You never really think about all the emotions you will go through watching your child grow until you just sit back from your hectic lifestyle and realize this child, who is your life, has brought so many emotions that you never thought anyone could bring to you or you never thought you would ever go through.

My son is in his terrible two’s (but I’ve heard it lasts longer than just the two’s), and there are some days I want to pull my hair out. I know one day I will miss this stage in his and my life. I already miss him being complete dependent on me. I miss feeding him, trying to teach him how to walk and talk, and showing him new things that he doesn’t think anything about now (which I am still showing him new things it just isn’t the same as when he was first discovering things).

This little person is growing and there are times you just want to freeze to remember the events forever. I have a book that I write things down my son says, because I know when he gets older I won’t be able to remember everything.

This is just to say that no matter how hectic, stressful, or caotic your life can be, remember that this little child who changed your life will not be little forever.

“Children are a gift from the Lord: they are a reward from Him.” Psalms 127:3



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